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Foreign Ministry's statement on solidarity with the United Kingdom

Created: 2020.11.12 / Updated: 2020.11.12 16:33

Lithuania expresses its full solidarity with the United Kingdom following the expulsion of two British diplomats from Belarus on November 9 and deplores this unjustified act by de facto Belarusian authorities. This act, directed against the UK and its diplomats, just like the previous 'demands' that Lithuania and Poland cut their diplomatic staff in Belarus, shows a pattern of regrettable behavior by the authorities towards the diplomatic corps accredited to Belarus and even further isolates the country.

We call on the de facto Belarusian authorities to ensure unhindered functioning of all diplomatic missions accredited to Belarus. Furthermore, we urge the authorities to end the harassment and repression against Belarusians, whose inherent right to free and fair elections, as well as freedom of assembly and expression, must be fully respected.

Lithuania looks forward to developing good neighborly relations with a free, sovereign and democratic Belarus.

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