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Lithuania and France's positions to items on the EU agenda discussed in Vilnius

Created: 2020.09.29 / Updated: 2020.09.29 18:20
    Lithuania and France's positions to items on the EU agenda discussed in Vilnius

    On 29 September, the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Albinas Zananavičius met with Clément Beaune, French State Secretary for European Affairs, who arrived in Lithuania as part of the delegation led by the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

    The meeting focused on Lithuania and France’s positions to key items on the EU agenda, including Europe's economic recovery, the fight against climate change, negotiations with the United Kingdom, and the unsafe nuclear power plant (NPP) in Ostrovets. 
    Lithuania's Foreign Vice-Minister stressed that the pandemic situation once again revealed the need to remove remaining barriers to the single market, especially for services. The Special European Council that will take place on 1 and 2 October must give it a clear mandate. In addition, the Lithuanian and French representatives discussed emission reduction targets for 2030.
    Zananavičius stressed that Lithuania was responsible for the implementation of the EU's climate targets and called on the European Commission to prepare a comprehensive impact analysis, explaining the impact of the proposed targets on the EU member states, and on their economic sectors, as well as the sources of financing for the envisaged measures. It is essential that measures are in place to control access to the EU market to polluting or unsafe producers from third countries.
    In the EU-UK negotiations on the future relationship, Lithuania calls for maintaining the EU's unity and for continuing to negotiate constructively with a view to a future broad and comprehensive partnership.
    Zananavičius also called on France to continue to contribute to solving the issue of the unsafe Belarusian NPP. The support of France with its extensive experience in developing nuclear technology is essential when aiming at having the EU stress test recommendations implemented in Belarus.

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